★★ In ‘Tomorrowland’, a young girl, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) and a bitter, grizzled man, Frank Walker…


Mad Max: Fury Road

★★★★ When I reviewed ‘Boyhood’ in July of last year, I wrote that I was certain I had already seen the best movie of 2014. And I was…



★★★★ A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed ‘Ex Machina’, an exceedingly intelligent motion picture about…

Spent a quiet week in Istanbul catching up with friends, and exploring the #Asia side a bit more. There's so much more to this city then what you see on the postcards. #darlingeurotrip #Istanbul
A little orange juice to brighten up your day. #Istanbul #darlingeurotrip
Back in Istanbul this week with @katrinkasasha eating all the food for brunch. #darlingeurotrip
That time when I randomly got on a boat to clear my head and ended up in the most magical little island about 40 mins away from Venice. Perfect way to wrap up this leg of Italy and on my way back to Turkey. #darlingeurotrip
Venice, you sure are magical. Back here for the second time in 3 months and loving every second of it. It's the only city where the crowds don't bother us. #darlingeurotrip
This is probably one of my most favourite views in the world.

Wrapping up our Zurich adventure with @eurail.

This beautiful city is something else.  And we're lucky that the weather loved us. #darlingeurotrip
Playing in the rainy gardens of #Schronbrunn Palace in #Vienna on our trip with @eurail. This place is magical. #darlingeurotrip
Priorities. Some people go to look for art, we hunt these babies down everywhere we go. #darlingeurotrip
Lunch date in Prague with an old friend almost makes up for having it rain all day worth it. #darlingeurotrip
The sad thing about being on the road this long is the fact that you can't pick up these beauties. #darlingeurotrip


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