Braids have always been a popular hair style, this is definitely true. They’ve phased in and out, sometimes french braids taking the traditional braids spot.

But aside from the ever-classic braided hairstyle, braids can look great when you’re wearing them, as well.


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Bracelet: BCBG – Braided Stone Bracelet ($48)

Hat: Hat Attack – Braid Fedora ($120)

Sandals: Frye – Madison Braided ($150)

Wellies: Burberry – Braid Detailed Rainboots ($395)

Bag: Michael Kors – Braided Grommet Shoulder Tote ($355)

Earrings: Ralph Lauren – Knot Braided Chain Earrings ($39)

Dress: Modcloth – Seafront Cookout Dress ($47.99)

Glasses: Fierce Shades – Oversized Braided Sunglasses ($12.71)

  1. Ugh! Someone in college made fun of me for having braids once and I still haven’t been able to bring myself to wear them again. I do love how simple they are though!

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