How to Prep for Fashion Week

Oh ,Fashion Week, I love thee. Well, maybe I don’t. If you’ve never been to Fashion Week before, you’ll have a hard time understanding 80% of what takes place there. It’s a glam-ed up party where most care more about what magazine we’re street styled in than the actual fashion on the runway, and take 3 weeks to get ready for it.

Don’t get me wrong, Fashion Week is a zoo, but one with stunning people all dressed to their finest. The thrill of seeing designers that you love unveil their masterpieces on the runway, or better yet, discovering new a new designer who speaks to you, is what keeps us coming back every season. That and  the after parties, and the after -after parties.

Let’s just say that most of us don’t sleep during Fashion Week. Any Fashion Week that we attend.

So if this sounds like your cup of tea, and you’re heading out to your first one, here’s how to prep for Fashion Week.


First of all decide if you’re attending as media, a designer guest or as part of the fashion loving general public. Designer guest tickets are normally emailed to you, so there’s not much you can do there, but if you’re planning on attending as media, then make sure you apply for your media pass, and submit your documents (media kit and stats) on time. You may also need a letter from your editor if you’re covering it on behalf of a publication.Note that there is a cost involved.

Get you house in order. Media kit is the half of your paper work. Make your business cards are ready so you can present yourself as professionally as possible.

Get your basement in order. No seriously. Unless you work with an editorial team, make sure that you have posts ready to go, and all your deadlines are met. Also, take note of what your audience likes to read. I doubt that they want to runway recaps everyday, so make sure that you have your normal assortment of content in the queue. There are a lot of late nights involved, especially if you plan on publishing content rather quickly, and you wont have time to come up with varied content.

Go shopping. No, this does not give you an excuse to go and and rack up your credit card, but it does allow you to keep your eyes peeled on sales. Don’t know where to go? Zara, FCUK, and Top Shop are great places to pick up pieces that versatile. Tip: Don’t get something just for Fashion Week. Make sure it’s an item you’re going to wear all the time.

Take your vitamins. And drink pretty of water. You don’t want to get dehydrated or catch something.

How to prep for fashion week

Build yourself an emergency makeup kit.  You never know when a meeting with a client runs late and you don’t have the time your thought you did to get ready. I tend to have

Build a clothing emergency kit.

  • Comfortable high heels, or gel insoles (this will stop you from being cranky at 10pm-THANK YOU NINE WEST!);
  • Statement Necklace (this is glam up an outfit, including a T-shirt);
  • Sexy yet comfortable dress (not only will you have to wear the dress all night, but you’ll be in tons of pictures, make sure you find the right balance);
  • Nella Bella clutch (vegan, soft, and the perfect size to your camera, charger, and important things);

Every city has it’s own street style, so wear something that is uniquely you and that you feel great in.

Tools of the trade:

A camera is a must, (but you can get away with not carrying your laptop unless you’re a runway photographer);

Cell Phone- know how to use all the functions just incase you score your dream interview;

A list of all the PR contacts just in case there is a mixup at the event.


Tips to remember:

Be nice to EVERYONE. No one gets sleep during fashion particularly the staff so being mean might you feel better but makes someone’s day worse.

Have fun, and remember why you chose to show up!



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