5 Ways Coffee Can Change Your Life for the Better

At its simplest, a cup of coffee is a drink you choose when you are low on sleep and there are fifty things on your ‘to do’ list. Coffee keeps us awake and focuses the brain when time is short. Cheap ground coffee is nothing more than a hot beverage. Half the time it tastes fairly unappealing, but if it does the job, who cares?

There is a world of difference between artisan coffee and supermarket blends. Once you taste a coffee from Keurig kcups, you will be hooked. Not sure what your blend is? You can find the right K-Cup® pods to match your personality

It may seem crazy, but a great cup of coffee really can change your life – and here’s how.

Savor the Ritual


Great coffee is a ritual to be savored. Instead of scooping out a spoonful of stale coffee and obliterating any residual flavor with boiling water and sugar, coffee aficionados carefully weigh their beans, grind them, and brew a fresh cup to order. All this takes time, but taking ten minutes out of your hectic day to make artisan coffee is time well spent. Making coffee is relaxing. You can forget about the stress of your day and lose yourself in the process of grinding beans and making coffee. 

Be Sociable

Coffee is a social drink. For centuries, or at least since coffee found favor amongst the masses, drinking coffee has been an opportunity to sit down with friends and put the world to rights. Too many of us have forgotten the pleasure of chatting with friends. Use a love of artisan coffee as a chance to reconnect with the world and invite friends over.

Gone are the days of ugly coffee machines, the Keurig® K200 brewing system is the perfect addition to any kitchen! 

With its compact design and classy colours, the perfect brewing system slips easily into small spaces and adds a splash of colour to the room! Not sure what colour to pick? Fear not- the quiz on the website makes it easy to find the right colour to match your personality, and your dream destinations. 

Brainstorm Over Coffee


Do you have a great idea? Are you looking to change your life for the better? Use coffee as an excuse to get together with people who can advise or help you. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. A cup of strong coffee focuses the brain like no other drink. Organize a coffee meeting and start a debate. Great coffee gets the conversation started and is a great excuse to contact an acquaintance and ask them to catch up.

Sharpen the Mind

Coffee kicks the brain into gear in the morning, which is why so many people can’t function without a morning cup of coffee. If you have a tough day ahead, coffee should be your beverage of choice. Use the Keurig™ ceramic travel mug, (which was available for a limited time), to take your favourite beverage with you wherever you go—and keep it warm!

You will have more energy and your brain will be sharper if you drink a cup of good quality coffee before you leave the house. It could even get you promoted!

Coffee and Sex

Great sex might not change your life, but it sure makes things a lot more fun. Coffee increases sexual stamina and enhances your enjoyment of the encounter. The next time you have a hot date, take them to an artisan coffee shop first. It could be the best decision you ever made.

In moderation, coffee is good for you, but be careful not to overdo your coffee habit, as it can become rather addictive.


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