How to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Blue eyes can look amazing if you know how to make them stand out. Even if you have that not-quite vibrant shade of blue, there are many ways to make them stand out.


Pick Orange-Toned Eye Shadows

Of course, you don’t need to pick the most pumpkin-esque orange shade out there, but there are many neutrals (browns and skin tone colors) that have orange undertones.  Orange contrasts with blue and makes your eyes stand out.


Change Your Hair Color

If you really want your eyes to stand out, change your hair color. It is expected for a blonde to have blue or green eyes, and for a brunette to have brown and hazel. Deviate from the norm to make your eyes really stand out.


With blue eyes, rich colors bring out the eye color.


Stray Away From Dark Makeup

If you have unusually light blue eyes, dark makeup might bring them out, however, typically blue eyed individuals should stick with the browns when it comes to eye liner and mascara.

blue eye makeup


Wear Rich Colors

If you don’t want to do anything as drastic as changing your hair color, you can just change your outfit. Rich colors, such as royal blues, bright reds, and rich browns can really bring out your eyes. Wear these colors close to the face, such as in a scarf or a jacket.





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