My not so secret confession: I’m obsessed with The Kardashians.

And my boyfriend doesn’t even mind.

I know, I know. It’s reality TV gone mad, why would we want to know about some rich people’s lives? How has this sort of TV genre become so popular? In all honesty, when it comes to The Kardashians your opinions are completely irrelevant.

It started with me just being mildly interested in this hilarious fam bam. I liked their clothes, I liked their hair… I pretty much just wanted to be a Kardashian sister.
But then it sort of of took a turn. I started to REALLY like their clothes, I was watching YouTube tutorials on how to contour like Kim, get curls like Khloe and create boho looks like Kourtney.
And it wasn’t just the sisters who won my heart – I fell in love with the WHOLE lot of them. I’m talking the Kardashian/Jenner/Odom/Disick/West gang.


Kris Jenner coined my favourite phrase, ‘Oh for the love of Kanye’ and still manages to ooze sophistication wherever she goes even though she’s constantly run off her feet being a momager.
Bruce Jenner puts up with more hormones than my Dad, always gives the most heart warming talks to boost moral or give advice, and he produced Brodie Jenner who is a mega babe.

Kendall  and Kylie Jenner although no directly related to Kim, Khloe and Kourt certainly have their cheekiness and spunk! Rising stars in the family, with their beautiful complexions and stunning good looks, I’m expecting to see WAY more of these two.

Khloe Kardashian has this amazing bad-ass attitude and although is always under attack for being ‘bigger’ than her sisters, she’s maintained her fantastic sense of humour and is a crazy hot size 12 (roughly size 8/10 in the USA!). A genuine role model; you do not have to be a size 0 to be successful ladies. Her and Lemar Odom’s is beyond perfect – he’s such a big kid and him and KoKo are literally the cutest couple in the world ever.

Kourtney Kardashian, dare I say it, is perhaps the most stylish of The Big Three (yes, my obsession has gotten so bad they are taking on Godly terms), with her chic, clean, yet boho look always coming out on top form. She even makes sure Mason and Penelope follow in Mummy’s footsteps; they’re constantly seen looking the definition of cute!
I’ve always felt really involved with the termoil of her and Lord Scott Disck’s relationship. I think every girl who has had a rough relationship does too. But it’s so clear they’re in love and I’m constantly praying one day Kourt will just get down on one knee and propose.

I always feel that Rob Kardashian never gets as much good press as his sister’s but he’s such a sweet guy and loves his family so much. I feel bad for him reading what people have said about him and his weight gain, and I think he’s a great way of showing the public that the Kardashians, although blessed with a bit of money, have actually had to work their arse’s off to get to where they are now.

Kim Kardashian’s face is so perfect it hurts my brain. She’s funny, she’s with KANYE FREAKING WEST (another love of mine), and really knows what she’s doing when it comes to making money. Although she seems like an untouchable, on dieting she said, ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ – and we have ALL been guilty of this.

Oh, and there’s going to be one more addition isn’t there? A child of one of the greatest couples ever, Kimye, what is not going to be to love about this?


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